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Von: Luke Rennie Personal Training & Boot Camps  15.12.2016
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Personal Training is THE best way to get the most of your workouts. Working with a Personal Trainer means your efforts will be guided with laser-like precision to ensure every time you train, you move another step closer to your ultimate fitness or weigh loss goal. Luke Rennie is a highly qualified and experienced Personal Trainer working in Zürich whose life goal is to help you achieve the fitness results you have always dreamed of.

Keywords: Fitness Center, Fitness studio, Personal Trainer, Personal Training

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Boot Camp

Boot Camps are outdoor workouts for small groups of exercisers with one simple aim: to push you to become the fittest possible version of yourself. Unlike most 1-2-1 gym workouts, you’ll be exercising alongside like-minded people under the expert guidance of Australian-born Fitness Trainer Luke Rennie. The workouts are fun and varied and utilize a range of training methods and equipment.